Honest Answers

by False Tongues

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released October 23, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Wade Allen at The Radiation Room in Auburn, Alabama



all rights reserved


False Tongues Auburn, Alabama

Auburn, Alabama

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Track Name: Giving in to Growing Up
This isn't how it's suppose to feel to be alive. Picking up the broken pieces to our former lives. It's always moments like these that make me most nervous. Questioning all of my choices. Were they all worth it?

I think it's safe to say
We're all delusional
Digging our own graves
For our own funerals.
Track Name: Sober
Walk away.
Leave me be.
I can’t erase what you’ve done to me. I forgive you but i’ll never forget.
This is the last time that I let you drag me down with you. I can’t take this anymore. I’ll flee this sinking ship and swim back home before I let you drown me once more.

I'm over this.
I'll be okay without your poison filling up my veins. I forgive you but I'll never forget.

So be careful not to burn all your bridges, cause soon you will start to see that even the ones you thought would never leave will disappear just like me.
For those who deserve your attention have become nothing more than safety nets. To remind you of your worth when you settle for something less. Soon you'll grow tired of this life you thought you had to have and you’ll start to realize all you wanted was the life you already had.
Track Name: Year in the Hole
I used to be your addiction now i’m the one strung out.
There are voices in this room but no ones moving their mouth. The sun shines and still I can’t find warmth on my skin. Your non-existent face is chilling but your presence reeks of sin. Is this all I have to show for my torn and tattered heart. My blood sweat and tears only brought me reopened scars. So I rebuild these walls i’d built to keep your kind away with no windows or doors so I can never escape.

I'll find respite in this booze and these women I will never love,q until my body stops fighting the withdrawals from your love. Cause i’ve been on this road for to long and i’ve come much too far. Oh I’m just sorry my dear, you missed the moon cause you were busy chasing stars.

I will never escape.

I want it all. But you get what you give. So here I stand with no life left to live .
I want it all. But you get what you give. So here I stand just write me off.
Track Name: Breathe
I can’t remember the last words you said.
Those memories have long been dead.
I’m alive again.
Now that your noose no longer hangs around my neck.